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MI-QRP Spring Issue of T5W

April 25, 2010

I just finished wrapping up the Spring issue of the Michigan QRP Club’s T5W publication and e-mailed it to the printer’s. Had to drop my Editor’s article as I ran out of room with other stuff. Already have a bunch of stuff for the Summer issue so might start on that soon and have it ready to go.

The T5W is published four times a year and is about the same size as the SPRAT publication by G-QRP. I normally use 20 pages but thinking that I might change it to 22 pages to give me a couple of extra pages for project material.


KD1JV’s Dual Bander from Hendricks QRP Kits

April 20, 2010

Installed all the resistors, IC sockets, xtals and diodes today on the dual bander QRP rig from Hendricks QRP Kits today. Will start on cap’s and rest tomorrow. The board is a work of art and the install of parts is quite easy…they did a good job on this pcb layout!

New Project

April 19, 2010

Just finished inventorying my DC-40A and Weber’s Dual Band QRP rigs from Doug Hendricks QRP Kits. Doing the dual band rig first as it looks the most interesting.

My CSM-1 troubleshooting is at a halt for now…can’t figure out if it is a cable-wire or switch connection. The problem is not consistent when it comes to touching the affected area. Besides, I need a break and feel like doing a new rig for the summer camping trips.

I will post pictures on