FDIM 2010-Hamvention

Made the Thursday night event at the hotel. Meet Jason, NT7S, which was a big highlight for me! Jason is a very humble and quite guy. We yacked for a bit and then made our way into the Big Room to see what was for sale and the many projects for various contest categories. I went up and down the rows twice but couldn’t find Jason’s entry…that was a big disappointment for me! Jason was in the forum/presentation for the new Flex 1500 HF SDR radio. You could not have squeezed one more body in that room…LOL. We let before the presentation was over, so hope to get info from him later. Thanks Jason for making the long haul to attend FDIM this year!!!!

Bought a new rig/lit from Doug and the gang at Hendrick’s QRP Kits…I really like how he brings a new kit each year to FDIM. I buy it no matter what so he comes back and I have a good supply of kits to build during the colder months. Saw Diz and a few other Flying Piggies and some old friends who have made our hobby so wonderful.

We had our annual cookout here at the KOA and had about 100 in attendance with great weather. This was the first really good weather we have had since we arrived last week. I lost our awning due to wind and rain early Tuesday morning so will have to get it replaced when we get back home. We called the house and the sitter says all is good back at QTH and the cats are getting quite spoiled…great! Anyone interested in two very lovable cats (hope the XYL isn’t reading this blog!!!).

Heading back to Hara again in the morning and plan to spend all my allowance on whatever. Didn’t bring a list this year…but sure have a long one now that I have seen so much stuff…LOL. Kenwood has a new HF rig, the 590 and I hear it is a really good rig with roofing filters and the same footprint as the 570.

That is about it for now. Hope to add more if the park’s Wi-Fi can handle all the ham campers who all seem to have brought laptops with them….

72…Mikey, WB8ICN


One Response to “FDIM 2010-Hamvention”

  1. Jason NT7S Says:

    Mikey, it was a real treat to finally meet you in person! Please be sure to stop by our home when you’re in the area.


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