Post FDIM-Hamvention

We skipped the trip to Shipshewanna due to weather and having no awning.  I didn’t realize how much I depended on my awning on the RV for doing stuff. Due to weather, I had no way to set up my pole…but bought something that may resolve that situation. Overall, the trip to Dayton was great as usually. I’ve come to realize that the annual trek to FDIM is more about the people than it is about buying stuff…so I expect I will be there again next year, which will be my 20th Hamvention and 13th FDIM…how time flies…LOL!!!

Have a new awning system on order and it should arrive next week. No plans as of yet for the three weeks before our trip to NY.  Our house-sitter/cat-babysitter’s says anytime is fine for them, so maybe a trip to Shipshewanna and a short one to see the grandkids…then off to NY and then to FD with the Piggies in Cinci.

Good weather today, so will get the grass cut and then hang out on 40 meters for a bit. I missed the contest last night as I forgot about it. Need to start setting my reminder thingie on my I-Touch.


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