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Catching Up…

June 16, 2010

One would think that an old guy who is for the most part retired could find more time each day to get things done!  I guess I will just leave it at that…but in case your lost about this comment, I am referring to myself.

I have over the years met a lot of very smart people. While stationed in Dayton, I met some of the leading scientists who were working for the US government.  These guys/gals were in a league all of their own…but I have to admit, Ham Radio has also provided me the chance to meet some rather unique, brainy and interesting folks as well.  One of them I finally go to meet last month in Dayton at FDIM. What a treat and honor. If you ever get a chance to build any NT7S projects, go for it! I have learned so much from Jason, NT7S.  He always seems so humble and a “back of the room” quiet sort of person. His writing skills are second to none and that is only matched by his vocabulary and thought process! Jason, thank you for the “way too short” time we had at FDIM…glad you made it and hope it can happen again. He and his lovely bride are expecting their first harmonic this July, so maybe it will be a couple of years before he can make it back to Dayton. I hope to visit him and his family this winter while out that way.  For all homebrewers out there, dig up Jason’s work on the web and enjoy the fruits of his labor!

I have the Weber Dual Bander rig all but done. Got to the part of winding the roids and that is where it still is at for the moment…I hate winding more than a roid or two (spoken with a red face!!!) I will get it done and post the results here and the usual other sites.

RVing season is upon us here in the northern woods, and we are taking full advantage of it. Plan to use the K1 and 817 for most of my portable work…along with my new Dual Bander. Have come up with a good antenna system for the Fifth-Wheel and hope to use it starting at FD. To those who were at Dayton and knew of the event, we have gotten our new awning system in and installed on the RV…what an embarrassment that was.  Hope to see many of my camping ham buddies this September up at 1,000 Islands in NY State.

hehehe, I spoke of not being able to find time to get stuff done…much of my time is spent taking naps and playing on the PC. We are disconnecting our high-speed stuff (along with cable TV and some other distracting but wonderful stuff) and go back to dial-up. I can always go to the library or Micky D’s to download large files. But this should help me stay focused on projects and tasks at hand!  Enough said…

OK, time to shut this down and get some ZZZ’s. Got several Honey-Do tasks done today and that wore me out <smile>, but it is a good feeling never the less. Stay tuned for updates as they come. Have a great summer and hope to catch you on the air.