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BAck to Snuffing Solder Fumes

October 25, 2010

Been RV’ing all summer, but now back home for a couple of months before we head south and west.

Finished the Weber DB from Hendrick’s QRP Kits. Need to increase the AF level out (poor ears on my part) but quite happy with it. 5 to 6 watts out on 80 and 40 meters and receiver is very quiet in terms of noise…really starting to appreciate designers who keep that in mind when designing a new rig!

Started building an SDR monoband receiver from the KB9YIG web page. This is a really neat rig! I might order some more of these monoband kits. I also bought the multiband rcvr and transceiver.

Started a new book (Circuit Analysis, 2nd editon) which I hope will help my old grey cells come to life with knowledge that I had once “once upon a time”…LOL.

More later….need sleep right now.

72 & oo’s…..Mikey, WB8ICN