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KB9YIG SDR Mono-Band Receiver

November 11, 2010

Sort of gotten side tracked over the last few weeks. Since we are staying home till the remaining 2010 holidays are over, (youngest Navy daughter wants to come home before a one year deployment), I dug into the the first of three kits from Tony, KB9YIG. I’m glad my daughter wanted to come home…

My SDR mono-band receiver is now done and works better than I hoped. I had to download Rocky 3.6 to get all the functions working on my laptop…but I love the sound coming out of it! I can scan almost 96KHz due to my sound card in my desktop, so life is good here in the shack!!! I have two more kits…a general coverage receiver and then a multiband transceiver.  Will save those for when it really gets cold outside.

I am now clearing the workbench to work up a simple attenuator for a club project here in Jackson. I also want to try out n Active Attenuator that uses a diode, MPF-102 and xtal to provide up to 100dB of attenuation. These attenuators are for a fox hunt DF Beam build I volunteered for to get more folks interested in VHF fox hunts. I’ve won the last two hunts…so I need more folks involved and hopefully we can expand the coverage area to the entire county.

That’s it for now. Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you out there who have made a difference for everyone!

72….Mikey, WB8ICN