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Solder Fumes More Existent Lately

December 2, 2010

Played with an active attenuator, but not all that impressed. This is partly due to the lack of 1 and 2 MHz crystals. Will try them again later after the next Digi-Key order and I have some proper crystals. For the Club Attenuator project, I decided to go with the tried and true switched attenuator. Will use 30dB per stage, shields between each segment, four switches for a 0 to 120dB attenuator. We cut up the PCB material for making the oblong boxes tonight. A fellow club member has a shear at his work, so he invited me in to do the rough stuff there. This is for the good as I am terrible at making boxes, straight edges, etc with my bandsaw…enuf said.

I built a Spectrum Analyzer Calibration Oscillator last night. 5.099MHz at -30dB. That was the closest xtal to 5MHz that I had on-hand. Also want to build one like Terry’s (K7TAU) just to see which is best for me. My 300MHz o-scope is sick (A-Sweep only works at the 5ns range, but can display the input signal if I use the A Delayed by B…or something like that). Finally got the cover off tonight…how they can pack so much stuff into such a tiny space is beyond me! Not sure how much good I can do as to repairing my scope…I really like/love that scope!

I have been visiting Todd Gale (VE7BPO) web site a lot lately. Most know it by the name of the “QRP Popcorn site”. Todd never ceases to amaze me. I plan on following his work closely this winter.

I will update my web site with the SA Cal Osc soon and also other stuff that I have been doing.

72’s for now….Mikey, WB8ICN