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Still Cold…

March 24, 2011

Well the snow melted, but only 24 degrees at present…

Building a Reggie II from QRPme…but already found some mods to do to improve the performance. Never did a kit like this one before so it is fun to play around with it.

Can’t wait to finally start RV’ing this season and just move south as the temps drop next fall. Not sure what to take for HB’ing, but will figure that out this summer!

…Mikey, WB8ICN


Still White and Cold Here

March 2, 2011

I am about ready to shoot the groundhog that said we will have an early spring! Still quite white and cold here is southern Michigan…enough said on that topic…

Just discovered the Chipino, which added to the PICaxe, PIC and Arduino, one has many micro chips to choose from as play things.  I think I will stick with the Arduino for awhile and see what it can do.

The dual-bander is done and working, started on the Reggie II Kit from QRPme…but discovered that the documentation is not what I expected. From inventory to added modifications left me wondering if I want to finish it or not. Time will tell.

OK, for those of you  who liked Crystal Sets to Sideband by Frank K0IYE, the 12 edition has been recently released. I got my copy from the 4SQRP gang. Here is a link to my dropbox if y0ur interested in reading it:

Well, that is about it for now. I recently updated (finally) my web page with the info on my Super VXO  experiments. Check is out if your interested in it: