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Summer is Here

June 8, 2011

Went from cold, to a few days of warm and now it is just hot! What happened to spring???

Finished a kit from 4 States QRP, SS-40, a 40 meter VXO receiver with a 30Khz tuning range. Really great kit and enjoyed building it. Jim, K8IQY, is the designer and did his usual superb job! Listening to it right now, and it sounds great.

Need to finish the Reggie II kit I bought from QRP-Me a year ago.

Saw some really neat antenna ideas this year at the KOA in Dayton using just wire and the 33 foot fiberglass extending pole. This will be somewhat of a hot project as I can use it on our RV.

Near 1am, so need to get some sleep.

72/73…Mikey, WB8ICN