PFR-3 and CC-40 News

Got my CC-40 from Etherkit (NT7S) yesterday and looks like this is gong to be fun to build. The PFR-3 receiver is installed and works quite well. Have to still do the alignments, but that should take long.

Have to decided if I will finish the PRF-3 first and then do the CC-40…or take a PFR-3 break and get the CC-40 done as I am one of the beta builders. Will probably do the CC-40 now and finish the PFR-3 later.

Weather is perfect, so did the antenna set-up for a 25 or 30 foot pole on the back of the RV for dipoles, BuddiPole, etc. We are going camping after Memorial Day and plan on being on 80 thru 10 meters at some point while camping. I love being retired!!!

…Mikey, WB8ICN


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