CC-40 Update

Wow…the end of August is tomorrow, how time flies when your fat, dumb and lazy…LOL. Trying to figure out how to put all these smt (or is it smd) parts into egg cartons and not mess it up. Jason has bagged them in the order in which they are shown on the inventory…but pre-installed parts are not noted and I was wondering why I was missing so many parts.

Dave, AA7EE (another beta builder) has taken off like a rocket and built a lot of his CC-40 already. I’m tempted to wait on building mine until he finds all the snags (only a couple that I know of)…but beta builders are supposed to help out doing this as a team.

Anyway, I think my approach will be to keep the parts in the packaging until I need them…then use egg cartons when there are more than one of each type. I would like to have my built before we go camping next week, but not sure if that will happen or not. I may be going back to work when I return from camping (that is a story in itself), so may not have a lot of time on hand after this week.

I need to update my web page…but that will probably happen after my camping as well. Not much else to say…keep those irons hot and solder fumes floating!!!


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