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CC-20 Build Completed

September 27, 2011

Finished the build on the beta CC-20 tonight. Have a tad over 2.5 watts…but want to look at output on SA and then listen to the tone on the FT-2000. Had a couple of issues along the way…but overall, enjoyed the build despite the dislike of SMDs. The CC-20 was built using 0805 sized parts and found that I could handle them comfortable. Did discover that SMD pinouts of BJTs and FETs are not the same as thru-hole parts…and that slowed me up some.

I still need to figure out why the PFR-3 died when I put it in its case. I have power getting to it…but no audio, and yet have to check transmit. Rain is in the forecast till Thursday, so guess I will start on that tomorrow once I decide how I want to case the CC-20.


CC-40 Continued

September 20, 2011

Re-installed the resistor and cap that were part of the pre-mod’s that Jason had done and back on track. Nearly finished with the receiver portion of the project. At that point, I will wait as three new parts (replacements) are on their way to the QTH. Then I can finish it and try it out…aaaahhhh!

Foggy this morning and shorten my walk to one mile…the cars were not slowing down much and I got tired of walking in wet grass and weeds. I try to walk 1.8 or so miles each morning while listening to old podcasts of Solder Smoke. I gain a lot of insight from the first 45 solder smokes that were made. I really miss Mike, KL7R…wish someone like him would step up and get with Bill to make solder smoke what it used to be. Anymore, it seems like a talk show and not a ham radio discussion of homebrewing and QRP topics. But Bill has pressed on with the podcasts, so I try to listen to each new podcast with the intent that was behind it so many years ago.

Hope to dig thru several boxes in the garage to find parts for the October Third Saturday Breakfast in Ann Arbor. The parts are to be part of the free swap/trade we used do to last year. Good way to get new parts/stuff and share some of my stuff I will never use.

CC-40 Progress

September 17, 2011

I was doing well until last night…due to my being lazy and not asking a simple question, I am now retreading a couple of steps. I thought I had discovered a couple of artifact (misplaced-not needed) pre-installed parts and removed them from the beta CC-40 PCB. Then when I had finished installing parts for the Product Detector/BFO I could not get the 4.166MHz signal to appear. Come to find out, those artifact parts were part of the designer’s mod’s he had done before sending the kit to me. Now I have to re-attach them or send the PCB back to Jason and he will do it for me.

But I was happy that I didn’t discard those two tiny (0805) smd parts, and now will attempt to re-attach, retest and then move on. Actually having fun attaching all those tiny parts, one at at time, to the PCB. Good therapy for an old man like me…LOL.

Trying to accomplish one task a day and start clearing up my “Honey-Do” list. Got two items done today…tomorrow I go north to attend a memorial service for a dear friend and fellow ham, WD8LUM.

Wonderful weather today, but it is starting to be quite cool at night around here. No snow yet…but I know it can’t be far off!

PFR-3 and CC-40

September 13, 2011

What a change of plans. Our tow vehicle (Dodge 350 RAM) blew a couple of brake lines as I was hooking it up the RV. Cost of repairs (along with some additional items I wanted done) far exceeded the cost of the entire trip…in short, we stayed home.

So I finished the PFR-3. The receiver sounded great during the alignment and testing, and then had good power out when I did the transmit portion. But, when I installed it in its case, the receiver (at least the AF) was dead. Didn’t check the power-out. Decided to let it sit on the table for a bit and move on.

Just finished putting all the smd parts in egg cartons and verified the parts count. 0805 smd parts seem to look smaller and smaller all the time . Decided to get the CC-40 done, then go back and fix the PFR-3 issue(s)…then maybe tackle the KX1 I have had sitting here for way too many years.

I think I will use my DROP-BOX feature to document the CC-40 build as it is resided on both shack PCs. Hope my eyes hold up for this project! Dave, AA7EE is waiting for some parts…so maybe I will catch up to him yet.



September 1, 2011

Spent the last two days completing a Driver Improvement Course to keep from getting points added to my driving record and the cost of insurance going up. Actually, it was probably good for me to take the course as some of the material I learned back in the early 70’s is now outdated!!!

The PFR-3 receiver is working well, but as of yet, haven’t made a dent into the CC-40 rig. AA7EE (Dave) is the one doing all the work, but sounds like he is having fun doing it. Considering the amount of stuff I need to do before we leave to go camping, I don’t I will be able to get either rig done to take with me.

I have decided to go back to work, but don’t know the exact date as to when. Initially, it will be a office job from home…but hope at some point to go back to field service work. Marybeth can travel with me and our house sitters love the idea of being here more than less.

Ol’ Well, the temps are back in the 90’s…so outside work is limited to morning or late in the evening. Have a couple of chores to do with the RV and then it is ready to go.