Spent the last two days completing a Driver Improvement Course to keep from getting points added to my driving record and the cost of insurance going up. Actually, it was probably good for me to take the course as some of the material I learned back in the early 70’s is now outdated!!!

The PFR-3 receiver is working well, but as of yet, haven’t made a dent into the CC-40 rig. AA7EE (Dave) is the one doing all the work, but sounds like he is having fun doing it. Considering the amount of stuff I need to do before we leave to go camping, I don’t I will be able to get either rig done to take with me.

I have decided to go back to work, but don’t know the exact date as to when. Initially, it will be a office job from home…but hope at some point to go back to field service work. Marybeth can travel with me and our house sitters love the idea of being here more than less.

Ol’ Well, the temps are back in the 90’s…so outside work is limited to morning or late in the evening. Have a couple of chores to do with the RV and then it is ready to go.



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