PFR-3 and CC-40

What a change of plans. Our tow vehicle (Dodge 350 RAM) blew a couple of brake lines as I was hooking it up the RV. Cost of repairs (along with some additional items I wanted done) far exceeded the cost of the entire trip…in short, we stayed home.

So I finished the PFR-3. The receiver sounded great during the alignment and testing, and then had good power out when I did the transmit portion. But, when I installed it in its case, the receiver (at least the AF) was dead. Didn’t check the power-out. Decided to let it sit on the table for a bit and move on.

Just finished putting all the smd parts in egg cartons and verified the parts count. 0805 smd parts seem to look smaller and smaller all the time . Decided to get the CC-40 done, then go back and fix the PFR-3 issue(s)…then maybe tackle the KX1 I have had sitting here for way too many years.

I think I will use my DROP-BOX feature to document the CC-40 build as it is resided on both shack PCs. Hope my eyes hold up for this project! Dave, AA7EE is waiting for some parts…so maybe I will catch up to him yet.



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