CC-40 Progress

I was doing well until last night…due to my being lazy and not asking a simple question, I am now retreading a couple of steps. I thought I had discovered a couple of artifact (misplaced-not needed) pre-installed parts and removed them from the beta CC-40 PCB. Then when I had finished installing parts for the Product Detector/BFO I could not get the 4.166MHz signal to appear. Come to find out, those artifact parts were part of the designer’s mod’s he had done before sending the kit to me. Now I have to re-attach them or send the PCB back to Jason and he will do it for me.

But I was happy that I didn’t discard those two tiny (0805) smd parts, and now will attempt to re-attach, retest and then move on. Actually having fun attaching all those tiny parts, one at at time, to the PCB. Good therapy for an old man like me…LOL.

Trying to accomplish one task a day and start clearing up my “Honey-Do” list. Got two items done today…tomorrow I go north to attend a memorial service for a dear friend and fellow ham, WD8LUM.

Wonderful weather today, but it is starting to be quite cool at night around here. No snow yet…but I know it can’t be far off!



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