CC-40 Continued

Re-installed the resistor and cap that were part of the pre-mod’s that Jason had done and back on track. Nearly finished with the receiver portion of the project. At that point, I will wait as three new parts (replacements) are on their way to the QTH. Then I can finish it and try it out…aaaahhhh!

Foggy this morning and shorten my walk to one mile…the cars were not slowing down much and I got tired of walking in wet grass and weeds. I try to walk 1.8 or so miles each morning while listening to old podcasts of Solder Smoke. I gain a lot of insight from the first 45 solder smokes that were made. I really miss Mike, KL7R…wish someone like him would step up and get with Bill to make solder smoke what it used to be. Anymore, it seems like a talk show and not a ham radio discussion of homebrewing and QRP topics. But Bill has pressed on with the podcasts, so I try to listen to each new podcast with the intent that was behind it so many years ago.

Hope to dig thru several boxes in the garage to find parts for the October Third Saturday Breakfast in Ann Arbor. The parts are to be part of the free swap/trade we used do to last year. Good way to get new parts/stuff and share some of my stuff I will never use.



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