CC-20 Build Completed

Finished the build on the beta CC-20 tonight. Have a tad over 2.5 watts…but want to look at output on SA and then listen to the tone on the FT-2000. Had a couple of issues along the way…but overall, enjoyed the build despite the dislike of SMDs. The CC-20 was built using 0805 sized parts and found that I could handle them comfortable. Did discover that SMD pinouts of BJTs and FETs are not the same as thru-hole parts…and that slowed me up some.

I still need to figure out why the PFR-3 died when I put it in its case. I have power getting to it…but no audio, and yet have to check transmit. Rain is in the forecast till Thursday, so guess I will start on that tomorrow once I decide how I want to case the CC-20.


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