Activities at WB8ICN

Spent one day sorting boxes in the garage, then the next day went to Shipshewana to the XYL’s favorite flea market, then today I cleaned the garage by building two more shelf units, moving stuff around, burning more junk and throwing a lot of stuff away. Should be able to move the band saw up to the first garage’s workshop so I can cut PCB material during the cold and whiter months.

Weather here has been wonderful and I wish it could be like this year round…fat chance of that, but will enjoy it while I can. Got some antenna projects planned before the white stuff flies including climbing the tower for two projects. Since we will be here for several months while it white…I hope to get a hot antenna up at 45 feet for 2 meters to work SSB and CW. My Yagi for HF seemed to have died, so need to figure out what is wrong it it.

Now that the CC-20 is done, I hope to troubleshoot the PFR-3 and find out what happened to it after I put it in the case. Will know more once I pull it back out of the case and start going it.

OK, need a hot shower and maybe a campfire to make my old body feel better…


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