Overdue Update…

Been awhile since I have posted an update…the XYL is in NY for her annual family visit, which leaves me and the cats in charge of things around the QTH. Most of the leaves have fallen and some have been picked up. Looks as though we are going to spend another cold and white season here due to diesel costs.

The PFR-3 and the DC40A are both working and healthy. I just made my first contact on the DC40A, KC9SNC in WI who was also QRP with a Ten Tec. I am getting a tad over one watt out with a 14 volt PS. Now to focus on building a USB-ISP programming adaptor. I keep having issues with my serial to USB adaptor so just decided to buy a USB ISP programming adaptor and be done with problems. Hope to do so AVR and Arduino experiments this winter. Lots of ideas out there and have a couple of books also to learn from.

10, 15 and 20 meters have been really hot lately! I think I could work DXCC in one weekend if there is a contest going on. I remember 10 meters back in the mid-70’s and it was a blast.

OK, need to get some antenna prep work done for a dear friend who needs a new antenna. We have decided to build a G5RV for 40 through 10 meters. I want to play with the NorCal Doublet idea for an RV antenna…looks interesting.

72/73’s for now…Mikey


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