Turkey Day Update

Been working on understanding Return Loss (RL) and also various ways to use a return loss bridge (RLB). Todd, VE7BPO and his RF Workbench series are a great help in learning to make meaningful measurements in a 50 Ohm environment. Now a lot of the equations I have read about are making sense and the numbers are something I can use.

Took a break and built a five-switch 95dB attenuator this evening to use for our local transmitter hunts. Between my homebrewed W7ZOI spectrum analyzer (SA) and my M-Cubed Freq/PWR meter, I verified all the switches and how it performs at 147MHz. Wish the SA would reach up to the VHF, but only goes to about 90 MHz. But, between the SA and the power meter, I was able to satisfy myself that the attenuator does what I want it to do.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so here is wishing all of you a very happy and joyful day. I have many things to thankful for and look forward to eating and playing in the shack later on.


One Response to “Turkey Day Update”

  1. Fred Says:

    Have a happy Thanksgiving.


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