Alive and Well…

I haven’t post anything since Thanksgiving as I have done nothing to talk about. Been rather lazy to be honest about it. But, a couple of friends have commented to to me that I hadn’t updated the blog in awhile, so maybe its time to start snuffing solder fumes again and do some CW on a more frequent basis.

Weather here is not bad for February in the terms of snow and temps…hope it stays that way till we move into spring and then summer.

I had been building the NADC transceiver from Hendricks QRP Kits and have all but wiring up the external controls done. But I have put that aside for now and wait to play around with the Hand On Radio experiments shown on the ARRL web site. Every couple of years, I try to refresh this old brain of mine as to the fundamentals to electronics. This choose to do this winter and now want to play with some stuff in the ARRL’s series.

Anyway, stay tuned and see what I end up doing…may not be exciting or earth shattering in new techniques, but I do have a lot of fun and learn a lot by doing it.



One Response to “Alive and Well…”

  1. Fred Says:

    Good to see your blog again.

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