What Am I Up To…

What have I been doing??? Not much of anything. Sort of in a winter funk, but trying to overcome that with some kits. I just finished the Four States QRP Club’s (4SQRP) “HamCan” 40 meter regen/transmitter kit. Got it built but have yet to test it. The reason for not testing is that I was also in awe over the new Super VXO kits by 4SQRP Club which was just introduced. I had done some playing around with a Super VXO about a year or so ago…hacked some ideas from the G-QRP Club Sprat article, using two molded inductors and one crystal. So that is a project now in the cache to be done.

At present, I just inventoried and now about ready to build a beta by EtherKit (NT7S). It is called OpenBeacon, a QRSS project that looks really interesting. Have all the parts sorted and in my trusty egg cartoons. But we have company coming in tonight, so may not get at it till Saturday or Sunday.

Also, want to play around with using an op amp for a tunable CW filter. Lots to do, and if I can stop being lazy I can have some fun.

Spring is around the corner…so maybe antennas will also be another project or projects to be done.


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