OpenBeacon by EtherKit

I have been doing a beta build for Jason, NT7S who runs EtherKit. It is a QRSS Beacon project that can be run on windows, LINUX or OS platforms. Never did anything with QRSS before, so this all new to me. Completed the build and now doing some tweaking to get the power out to about a quarter of a watt.

The software interface is quite simple and unique…all done from the command prompt. Once the settings are done, the parameters are set in the firmware and no need for a PC interface, which leaves the PC available for a QRSS grabber to monitor your transmission.

I will post more later as the end results are finalized and I get some pictures to show.


One Response to “OpenBeacon by EtherKit”

  1. Fred Says:

    A blog entry a day keeps fellow hams happy. Don’t forget to tell everyone the frequency of your new 30m signal.

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