QRSS – DFCW Operation

Left my beacon on for a couple of hours today to see if I might show up on one of the grabbers. No luck, and took the beacon down as I need to antenna for 75 meters. I did find out that my 160 meter antenna which is about 110 feet long on one side and grounded again against the tower…but I can use my tuner and put it on 30 meters. So have to change around a bunch cables around and I can have a dedicated antenna for QRSS/DFCW operation. I am getting about 300mw output and that is more than enough to reach about anybody.

I am thinking that I will build up my FCC-1/FCC-2 kits next. Bought them a few months ago and want to use them to make a HF signal generator/freq counter for the work bench.

Oh yea, I was reminded to announce my QRSS freq…it is 10.139MHz.


One Response to “QRSS – DFCW Operation”

  1. Fred Says:

    Thanks. I’ll look for you this morning.

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