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Workbench Updates

May 7, 2012

Had been messing around with a VXO idea by VK3YE, but the thing won’t start oscillating. I suspect it is due to the choice of caps on the emitter of Q1. But have lost interest in that project for the moment and have inventoried the MMR-40 kit I have had on the shelf for some time. It uses a PTO for the VFO and I have never built one before, so that is what is laid out on the workbench at the moment.

I have attended Dayton for 20 years straight…so decided that we would pass on it this year. We have been camping at the KOA just west of Hara and it was cheaper to camp for seven days than stay at the hotel for four days. Best part is that the entire campground is full and nearly all of them are hams. But considering the cost the week of camping (a tad over $300), the cost of fuel (over four dollars a gallon for diesel), the cost of attendance at Hara and FDIM, etc…we can go to Shipshewanna camping for the week and still come out ahead money wise. Hate to sound like a cheap-skate, but I still have two years before I can start drawing on my IRA’s and 401K’s. So for at least this year, we are going to forgo Dayton.

I have have never been to OzarkCon…so that is on the bucket list. There are four Coast to Coast campground there and one is very close to the hotel. Cost ten dollars a night for us to camp at Coast to Coast, so that is a no brainier for us. We can stay at each campground for two weeks…so we ought to make it out there and enjoy the shows and sites and OzarkCon at at once.

Still haven’t uncovered the RV, but hope to this coming week. Want to spend some time just doing the camping thing and some portable operating like I used to do a few years ago. Weather (temps) are starting to get into the 70’s each day with the overnight lows only in the lower 50’s…so it is time to start hitting the campgrounds and being even lazier than I have been of late.