Been messing around with some ideas and a little solder snuffing. Getting ready to start construction of the new PigRig, 5 Watt Single Frequency Transceiver. You can read about it at http://www.kitsandparts.com/fpra-7030.7.php. Looking forward to building this and also using it. Many of the FP members have bought it so it will be fun to use it and compare notes. Already thinking about a couple of mod’s to make it better.

Also have been playing with the Realtek RTL2832U & Elonics E4000-Based USB DVB-T Receiver dongle. It tunes from 52 MHz to over 2 GHz. Have start gathering parts for an HF converter and also ordered one that uses 100 MHz IF. So far have really enjoyed messing around with it. I got both the dongle and converter on e-bay from a vendor in NY. Fast ship time and no problems with products so far.

Have three vertical antenna ideas that I want to try out…but snow has now fallen here so this project may have to wait till spring time.

That’s about it for now. Will post some additional info and maybe some pictures of the two on-going projects as they evolve.


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