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Summer Projects

July 25, 2013

Been messing around with my end-fed antenna while camping. Not much luck, but then again band conditions were not too good either. I plan on trying out some vertical antenna ideas for the RV in August.

Been playing with both the Arduino Due and UNO boards. Finally got the USB ports straightened out so I can run both boards at the same time by using port 4 and 5…I sure miss the old days when assigning port numbers was the norm! I think I will be doing a lot of microcontroller projects this winter. I did find a working RF section for my HP spectrum analyzer so want to try some LPF, HPF, and BPF experiments once it is too cold to play outside.

Just gotta include this last bit of news…my neighbors across the road own about 80+ acres and there are a lot of blackberries this year. I have been picking every couple of days and freezing them for this winter for toppings on my cereal. I just love them with my cereal!

OK, I will shut up for now. Right in the middle of Vacation Bible School and I teach third and fourth graders. They ask more smart questions than most adults I know! God Bless each and everyone of them! Will add an update in August about the antenna work both here and on my web page.