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Update on PHSNA

March 23, 2014

Todd, VE7BPO has posted some pictures of my PHSNA system on his web site. Look near the end of section 1 at  (with a sub-title of QRP-POSDATA for March 2014  — Poor Hams Scalar Network Analyzer  (PHSNA) – ) for a look at the pictures. I am now playing with some software written by Nick, WA5BDU that incorporates many of the newer functions!

72/73…Mikey, WB8ICN


Winter Updates

March 5, 2014

Been doing some bench work, though I am still not doing a good job of posting my work here. Built a SNA using an Arduino, DDS module, and a W7ZOI power detector. The web site for this project is located at and is a fun project. I had a RLB I built a few year ago, but just finished another one from a kit offered by the same group that offered the SNA. I ended up with a bridge directivity of a bit over 35 dB, which is pretty good. I sweep my YAGI beam and had about the same result as with my previous homebrewed RLB. Below is the sweep using my old RLB

Yagi Sweep 13 to 30 MHz Chart (1)





I have built and sweep several LPFs, BPFs, and crystals. My next endeavor is sweep components to see the response compared to frequency. Should be interesting.

That is it for now. Been the coldest winter I can remember here and have used the electric heater in the shack here in the basement more than I care to admit…the electric bill really shows it when I do this for an extended period of time. We have had weeks at a time without ever getting above the freezing mark of 32 degrees (F), and many nights and a few days of below zero temps. Thinking that maybe next winter we might go south and try to get sun tans during the winter months <smile>.