Binuaral Receiver Update

Finally made some time to work on the Binuaral Receiver today. Finished installing the parts for the RF Phase Shift and Product Detector sections and now am ready to install the LO/Product Detector interface transformer. The transformer is a trifilar wound torroid “roid”. I don’t care too much about winding them, or tinning the leads…but do like them as I can make each into a value that is needed and not have to order a particular inductor for each project.

I was checking the LO output with the DSA815-TG spectrum analyzer earlier today. Noticed that the second and third harmonics are only down about -15 to -17 dBm from the fundamental frequency. I may have to build either a LPF or BPF if this project turns into a transceiver instead of just a receiver.

Anyway, time to eat and get to Bible study (Wednesday night activity at our church), so will have to finish the install of the transformer either tonight or tomorrow after I get back from a group hike along the Waterloo Trail near here.


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