Binaural Receiver Update

Well, wired up one stage of the AF section (which provided one earphone worth of audio). Using my sig gen I could hear and tune above and below the signal…but that is with about zero dBm of input signal. When I connected the project to a 40 meter antenna, I heard nothing!

Need to check the Input RF Preamp and see if it is working. There were enough 40 meter CW signals on the air tonight that I should have heard something. I may have to add a RF amp to the front end if everything else is working as it should.

The RF Phase Splitter is working as I can turn it all the one way and have lots of audio when using the sig gen for an input, and then when turned all the other way, have nothing. I am not going to build the second AF section until I determine what or why I cannot hear any 40 meter CW signals.


Stay tuned!


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