Binaural Receiver Difficulties

The RF Amp is working, but I am losing a lot of the signal before it gets to the Product Detector. The RF Amp is giving at least 25 dBm of gain…but from the collector to the Product Detector I am losing almost 20 dBm…so something is amiss with the RF portion of this project.

I need to measure each section to map out the loss and then figure out why…or just call it quits for now and move on to another project. I was thinking of using a NE602 for the front end and use the output pins (5 & 6) for the input to the Product Detector. I built a DC receiver a few years ago that used the NE602 and it worked rather nicely. I found the project and wondering if I want to just “jerry-rig” up the idea to see if it works. Since I am deaf in one ear, a binaural receiver isn’t of much use to me…but i did want to play around with the crystal resonator LO and that is what got me started on this project in the first place.

Am quite happy with the LO part of the circuit and I can duplicate it for both 80 and 40 meters…so may build up a couple  LO circuits to have on-hand for bench work.  Nice to have a steady sig gen with only a few parts!

Have to think about all of this for a day or two and then decide what I am going to do. But that is where I am for now. I can make the receiver work…but it is about as deaf as I am and that is really no good to anyone .

Hello to Fred…glad your happy with my more frequent updates!!!


3 Responses to “Binaural Receiver Difficulties”

  1. Nialuar Talhhombraki Says:

    Love this blog

    An RF amp in front of NE602 could make some of a disaster,
    This rig is novelty design, yes?
    What happened to your 1 ear?

  2. Fred Says:

    I got my name in a WB8ICN bloge. That’s like the Nobel Prize in Amateur Radio. Thanks, Mikey.

  3. wb8icn Says:

    Novelty design is a a good way of putting it…LOL. Thinking of replacing the 2N3904 amp with a NE602 and take that input into the Phase Shifter/AF amps.
    Left ear quit working a few years ago…doc’s have no idea why. Hearing loss to both ears due to long-term exposure to loud noises.

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