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2014 Fall Update…

November 1, 2014

Well, we had our first flakes of white stuff today, so guess summer is actually over. I spent most of the summer hiking and walking the many trails around our home town, but doubt I will be doing a lot of that for the next few months. The wifey has told me that we are staying put this winter as the weather forecast for most of the areas that we thought about going to during the colder months are not going to be much better. To be wet and cold is worse than snowy and cold in my book. When your in a 30 foot RV and can’t get out to do things, well it is better to stay home and play with all the toys!

I know I want to play with a lot of Arduino projects this winter and my spectrum analyzer I got at Dayton this last spring, so that should keep me busy for awhile. Still have a lot of kits to build and some homebrew ideas to work on, so won’t be bored. I have even thought about doing some antenna experiments.

I would really like to increase my operating time on CW this winter. I keep saying that every year but never quite get around to it. To be retired and not have the time to do things…go figure. But who knows, I might just do it this winter season. Have a few more winterizing chores to complete and then settle in for a few months of white “bear and grin it” weather…<smile>.

Todd, VE7BPO, has started a blog that looks to be excellent and a outstanding replacement for his web site that he had to terminate this fall. To see his new blog, go to and see what he is already posted.  He just conclude a three part series on a receiver called the “Funster”. Leave it to Todd to add excitement to a new project!