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Update on CW Decoder

January 25, 2015

Received the 4×20 (4 lines, 20 characters per line) LCDs. This made using the CW Decoder so much more enjoyable to use. I changed the code a bit to put the WPM rate and my call sign on the first line and then three lines of cw.

I need to take a picture of the setup now as it is easier to read the CW as it is displayed and then post it here on the blog.

Hello to Fred, KD8IXP. He is a local ham who is always bugging me about updating my blog. He just received two PIXIE transceiver boards, and has promised me to get on the air with one of them so I can hear what it sounds like. I will report back on this when he finally fulfills his promise!!!


Lazy QRP CW Day

March 7, 2010

I was debating what to do before we go out for dinner, and was lost as to get on the air or work on a project. I have two signal generators begging for attention…one is dead and the other will not allow me to peak the output signal (an old military sig gen).

I opt’d for some CW time on 20 meters. One of my hombrew rigs uses a KD1JV keyer that I built probably about ten years or so ago…I must have gotten it to close to an EMF or static source as it looses all settings after about ten seconds and just sits there. I was going to get on 40 meters with another HB rig but sounds like a contest or something going on…so back to 20 meters. Now, I have spent about an hour just trying to get on the air. Then I spied my FT-817 sitting on the workbench…this rig makes into some really nice test equipment functions, but today it was just a QRP radio. I had to dig out the manual to get all the menu settings back to a normal mode and then I set up several freq’s sending CQ and then getting stepped on by DX chasers.

Finally, on 14.056 sending CQ and along comes Steve, NU7T. Wonderful signal, great fist to copy and he likes to ragchew. We chatted for about 20 minutes or so until I got the call to start getting ready for my date with the boss-lady . Steve is a QRP’er and active FISTS member. I had to find my FISTS card as I had not be asked for that in a long time…my fault for so much workbench time. Anyway, had a great chat and now heading for the shower.

Hope be home before 9:00pm and maybe I can drum up some 80 or 40 meter QRP contacts tonight.