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Lots of Chores Done, Yet so Many to Go

October 11, 2011

Only have to cover the RV and that will complete this year’s winterizing. Getting ready to put the PFR-3 back together. Got on 40 CW today and checked into the Armed Forces Net…been awhile since I did that. Bob, WB8BOR is normally the NCS and has a super fist.

Plan to play in the shack tonight. Once the PFR-3 is done, might either start the DC-40 from QRP-Kits, or start some basic experimentation stuff on the workbench. Have always wanted to do some impedance matching and determining of amps, oscillators and mixers. Have my trusty Return Loss Bridge (RLB) I built a couple of years ago…but not sure if I understand exactly how it works. In fact, I think I have forgotten more stuff than I have learned over the years…at least it seems that way sometime…LOL.

Just worked T32C on Christmas Island on 10 meters. Haven’t done that sort of thing in years. All the bands have been really good lately. Might drag out my 20 meter homebrew transceiver I built a couple of years ago and play with it.

Not much else to comment on, have a great day and 73’s!


PFR-3 Troubleshooting

October 6, 2011

Spent some time tonight troubleshooting the dead rig. Found that U2 wasn’t seated properly. U2 is a SA612 that is used as a mixer from IF to audio after the xtal filter. Also found a solder blob that might have been hampering pins 3 and 4.

Taking this rig out of its case is more than what I had imagined. The manual warns of this, but found that they were not kidding. Found that I had to unsolder several wires to get everything free and out so I could work. But, did make a diagram of what I had undone so putting back in the case should not be much of a problem…other than having to re-solder several wires